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The New International Encyclopædia/Auersperg, Adolph Wilhelm Daniel

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AUERSPERG, ou'ẽr-spẽrK, Adolph Wilhelm Daniel, Prince (1821-85). An Austrian statesman. He served in the army from 1841 to 1860, and attained to the rank of major. In 1867 he entered political life as a member of the Bohemian Diet, being elected by the Liberal land proprietors, and in 1868 became a member for life of the Upper Chamber of the Austrian Reichsrat. He was Governor of Salzburg from 1870 to 1871, and proved in that position, as well as in his subservient political life, a stanch supporter of the constitution. From 1871 to 1879 he was the head of the Austrian ministry, as such succeeded in carrying out the electoral reform, securing direct elections to the Lower Chamber of the Reichsrat, and in strengthening the political entente with Hungary.