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The New International Encyclopædia/Eagan, Charles Patrick

EAGAN, ē′gan, Charles Patrick (1841 — ). An American soldier, born in Ireland. He entered the Federal Army from civil life in 1862, with rank of first lieutenant, and upon the close of the Civil War was mustered out (1865). In 1866 he was appointed to the United States Army, with rank of second lieutenant, and by 1898 had risen to the grade of brigadier-general and commissary-general. As such he served during the Spanish-American War, at which time he was found to have issued among the rations designed for the United States forces in Cuba canned meats said to be in a condition so unwholesome as to render them unfit for food. In 1899 he was tried by court-martial for using violent and abusive language before the War Investigation Committee regarding General Miles, commander-in-chief of the army. He was sentenced to a suspension of six years from duty and military honors, and later was retired at his own request.