The New International Encyclopædia/Newhall, Charles Stedman

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NEWHALL, nū′ha̤l, Charles Stedman (1842—) . An American naturalist and author of juvenile books. He was born in Boston; studied at Amherst (1869) and at the Union Theological Seminary; soon left the ministry for educational work; and then became United States assistant special forest agent and superintendent of the forest reserves of northern and central California. Newhall wrote: A History of Fall River, Mass. (1862); various juveniles, including: Harry's Trip to the Orient (1885) and Ruthie's Story (1888); and the following works on botany: Trees of Northeastern America (1892); Shrubs of Northeastern America (1893); Leaf Collector's Handbook and Herbarium (1892); and Vines of Northeastern America (1897).