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STAHR, stär, Adolf (1805-76). A German author, born in Prenzlau, Prussia. After study at the University of Halle he went to the gymnasium at Oldenberg, and in 1836 became professor there. While on a tour through Italy in 1845, which was afterwards described in Ein Yahr in Italien (1847-50), he met the author Fanny Lewald, whom he married in 1855, after separating from his first wife. Perhaps the most noteworthy of his writings are his classical studies, which include translations from Aristotle, Suetonius, and Tacitus, and Bilder aus dem Altertum (1863-66). His miscellaneous works, some of which have been translated into English, include: Charakteristik Immermanns (1842); Die Republikaner in Neapel (1849); Die preussische Revolution (1850); and G. E. Lessing, sein Leben und seine Schriften (1858).