The New Student's Reference Work/Kenton, Simon

Ken′ton, Simon, an American pioneer, who greatly distinguished himself by courage and sagacity in the wars with the Indians. Kenton was born in Fauquier County, Va., April 3, 1755. At an early age he had a quarrel with another young man on account of a rivalry in love, and, thinking that he had killed his adversary, he fled to Kentucky and became a companion of Daniel Boone. He took part in nearly all the conflicts with the Indians until Wayne's expedition in 1793 restored peace and tranquility to the western frontier. He also took some part in the War of 1812. As Kentucky filled with new settlers, a great portion of his lands, to which he had failed to secure a perfect title, were taken from him, and for many years he lived in penury and obscurity. At length, however, a pension of $240 a year was secured for him from Congress, and his closing years were made more comfortable. He died in Logan County, Ohio, in 1836, not far from the spot where he had once narrowly escaped being put to death by the Indians.