The New Student's Reference Work/Ladoga, Lake

Ladoga, (lȧd′ō-gȧ) Lake, the largest lake of Europe, is situated in Russia near St. Petersburg, and is crossed by the dividing line between that country and Finland.  It is 129 miles long and 68 wide, and has an area of 6,998 square miles.  The southern and eastern shores are marshy, but the northwest rises into cliffs.  It receives the waters of Lakes Onega and Ilmen in Russia and Saima and others in Finland.  Ladoga at its deepest part is 730 feet in depth.  Navigation is dangerous on account of shoals, sandbanks and hidden rocks, besides furious storms.  The rivers emptying into it are connected by canals at their mouths.  It empties into the Gulf of Finland by the Neva.  On two of its many islands are two monasteries, founded in 960 and 1393 respectively, which are visited by many pilgrims every year.