The New Student's Reference Work/Lotze, Rudolf Hermann

The New Student's Reference Work (1914)
Lotze, Rudolf Hermann

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Lotze (lōts'ĕh), Rudolf Hermann, a philosopher, was born in Saxony, May 21, 1817. He studied at Leipsic, and became professor of philosophy at its university in 1842 and at Göttingen in 1844. But he first attracted attention as a physiological writer, contributing articles to the Handbook of Physiology. His Metaphysics was published in 1841, and his Microcosmos, giving his views of nature and man, in 1856-64. It is sufficiently popular in style to be read by general readers. His General Physiology of Life, published in 1851, dealt with the phenomena of life. Lotze died at Berlin on July 1, 1881.