The New Student's Reference Work/Peace Societies

Peace Societies, societies formed for the promotion of peace among the nations of the world. The first peace society in the world was founded in New York City in August of 1815. In other states similar societies were formed about the same time. The American Peace Society was organized in New York City on May 8th, 1828. Shortly after this the local society of New York ceased to exist. The first peace society in Europe was the English Peace Society founded in London on June 14th, 1816. Not many years after the organization of these first societies societies in one form or another with like purposes were forming in all parts of practically all civilized countries; and it is largely to the influences these societies exerted that The Hague conferences owe whatever success they attained. One of the most active peace societies of the present day is the Peace Society of the City of New York organized on January 23d, 1906. The remarkable success of the National Arbitration and Peace Congress, held in New York City on April 14th-17th, 1907, in which many distinguished foreigners took active part, was due in large measure to the wisely directed efforts of this society.