The New Student's Reference Work/Vol I/Preface


The Student’s Reference Work has long been known and valued as supplying just that reference material which is needed by teachers and pupils in elementary and secondary schools. While partial revisions have been made from year to year, yet in order to keep fully abreast of the times a radical revision and the introduction of much new material have become necessary.

Accordingly we now present The New Student’s Reference Work, which practically is a new work. New material has added more than one third to its volume, while the articles which appeared in the former work have been largely rewritten and entirely reset. In its preparation we were able to secure the coöperation of specialists and educators whose standing will be recognized upon inspection of our list of editors and contributors. Advantage has been taken of suggestions which have come to us from many teachers during years of experience in the use of the former work, and it is believed that the present work will be found adequate and satisfactory.

C. B. B.