The New Student's Reference Work/Steel-Building-Construction

The New Student's Reference Work

Steel-Build′ing-Construc′tion, a method of constructing tall city-buildings by building a framework of steel to carry floors and floor-loads, and walling this framework in with a wall of light brick or stone work. These buildings differ from, the older buildings in that the masonry walls do not carry the loads of the building. They really are an application of the method of the steel-bridge to architecture. The office-buildings of Chicago, New York and other American cities are the best examples of this new architectural method. Among the tallest of these buildings are the Metropolitan Life-Insurance Building, New York City, 46 stories or 657 feet in height; the Singer Building, 41 stories or 612 ft. 1 in. high; and The Times Building, 28 stories or 419 ft. 9 in. high.