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Yellow Race, The, often called the Mongolian race, includes that part of mankind which is regarded as most characteristically Asiatic. More specifically, the yellow race includes Chinese, Japanese, Tartars, Cochin-Chinese, Burmese, Tibetans, Samoyeds, Tamuls, Turks, Finns and Hungarians or Magyars. (See articles under titles above.) Some authorities believe that the Malayans and many Polynesians are distinctly Mongolian. The theory that the American Indian is descended from the Mongolian race is not generally accepted. The Celts, too, have certain traits in common with the Mongolians; but there is no proof of an actual racial connection. The characteristics of the yellow race are straight hair, coarse in texture and black in color, more abundant on the head than the face, least abundant on the body, a somewhat square head, small black eyes, narrow eyelids, which turn obliquely upwards at the outer end, small, flattish nose, high and prominent cheek-bones, rather prominent chin and yellowish skin. The yellow race probably is not inferior to the white race in intellect and fortitude; though anthropologists incline to the opinion that physically it is nearest of all races to the child and that it may represent the most primitive extant type of man.