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The New York Times/British Football Scandal

Eight Players Suspended for Life for Framing Up Game

LONDON, Dec. 27.—A sensation has been caused in football circles in the north of England by a report issued by the Commission of the English Football Association on the result of the game between Liverpool and Manchester United which was decided last April 2. The report shows that the game was pre-arranged between the players for the purpose of betting and winning money.

The committee found that sums of money had changed hands on the result of the game and that the players profited considerably. The football association has premanently suspended four Liverpool players—Sheldon, Purcell, Miller, and Fairfoul—and three Manchester United players professionals—A. Turnbull, Whalley, and West—from taking part in playing football or football management, and they are also barred from entering any football ground in England in the future.