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Thirty-four Fast Cars Ready for Europe's Big Speed Contest.

PARIS. June 25.—-Crowds of people are leaving Paris for the Sarthe circuit, where the Grand Prix automobile race will be started at 6 o'clock to-morrow morning. The contest is the chief international motor speed test of Europe, succeeding the international cup event from which France withdrew owing to the entries from each country being restricted to three. The regulations governing the Grand Prize do not limit the number of entries from any country. France has twenty-five entries, Germany three. and Italy six, a total of thirty-four. The cars will be started at intervals of a minute and a half. The Sarthe circuit is about 62 miles long and the racers will go around it twelve times, making a trifle less than 750 miles. Halt of the distance will be completed to-morrow and the race will end on Wednesday. Many Americans will witness the race, including Cortlandt Field Bishop, Frank Munsey, Foxhall Keene, Jefferson De Mont Thompson, Chairman of the A. A. A. Racing Board; A., G, Batchelder. and Henry A. Lozier.

The French cars and drivers are: De Dietrich, Gabriel, Rougier, Duray; Renault, Sisz, Edmond, Richez, Darracq, Hemery, Wagner, Hanriot; Brasier. Baras. Barillier, Pierry; Gobron, Rigoly; Gregoire, Taveneux, de Bosch; Panhard, Heath, Tarte, Teste; Vulpes, Barriaux; Hotchkiss, Le Blon, Solleron, Shepard; Bayard Clement, Albert Clement, Villemain, de la Toulonbre. The three German Mercedes cars will be driven by Jenatzy, Mariaux and Florio. The six Italian cars consist of three Fiats, to be driven by Lancia, Nazzaro, and Dr. Weillschott and three Itala cars, to be driven by Cagno, Baron de Caters, and Fabry.

The first to start will be Gabriel, followed by Lancia, Sisz and Hemery, the latter the victor of the Vanderbilt Cup in America last Year.

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