The New York Times/Lord Randolph Churchill in town

Lord Randolph Churchill in town

July 5, 1894, Wednesday. Page 9

On a Tour Around the World with His Wife-Will Remain Here Only a Few Days.

Of the many incidents of interest to the social world yesterday one of the most important was the arrival on the White Star Line steamship Majestic of Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill.

It is over eleven years since Lord and Lady Churchill visited America. They are well known, however, by many members of New-York's smart set, who have been entertained by them abroad or who met them when on their former visit to this city.

Lord Randolph's two sons, Winston Leonard and John Winston, did no accompany their parents. Lord Randolph's eldest son, Winston Leonard, who is nineteen years old, is the centre of much interest among the English nobility since he may be the Duke of Marlborough before long. The present Duke, his cousin, is twenty-two years old, and is unmarried and of a very frail constitution. It is said by physicians that he cannot live for many years. In the even of the Duke of Marlborough's death, Lord Randolph would receive the title, and his son after him. Winston Leonard Churchill is at the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, where, in a recent examination, he stood fourth in a class of 600 students. After his graduation, which will take place next year, he will probably be ordered to India with his regiment.

Lady Randolph Churchill is acknowledged to be one of the handsomest women in English society. Her mother, Mrs. Leonard W. Jerome, who was at one time one of New-York's society leaders, has made her home in London for a number of years. Lady Randolph's aunts, Mrs. Fay Purdy and Mrs. Lawrence R. Jerome, are prominent in society here, as are her cousins, Mrs. David Thomson and Mrs. Jordan L. Mott, Jr.

Lord Randolph said to a reporter for The New-York Times: "My wife and I are on a tour around the world. We expect to remain in New-York a few days, but I cannot say just how long. I am traveling for mt health, and upon the advice of my physicians."

Lord Randolph did no care to talk further of his plans. He will probably go to Newport for a brief portion of the season, having many friends there. It is said that he will start for the West early in the Autumn, and will stop at San Francisco on his way to Japan. If this is true, the friends of the Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill will not have the pleasure of entertaining them in New-York next season.