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Hold a Long Conference, Shake Hands,

and Part -- 48,000 Captives.

GEN. NOGI's HEADQUARTERS BEFORE PORT ARTHUR, Jan. 5. - A meet between Gen. Stoessel and Gen. Nogi took place to-day at Shushi village.

The hour fixed for the meeting was noon, but owning to a misunderstanding of the time Gen. Stoessel arrived at 10:40 o'clock, and was received by a Lieutenant. General Stoessel remained at Plum Tree Cottage until 11 o'clock, when Gen. Nogi arrived with his staff.

The Generals met in a room of the cottage, and, after an exchange of greetings, held a long conference. When they emerged from the cottage the Generals shook hands, and Gen. Stoessel mounted his horse and returned to Port Arthur.

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