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The New York Times/Topics of interest abroad (Aug 6, 1881)

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Gastein, Aug. 5. -- The two Emporors held a half-hour's conference this morning. The Emporer of Germany subsequently accompanied the Emporer of Austria to the railway station, and bade him a hearty farewell. The Emporer of Austria has gone to Munich, from which point he will proceed to visit the Kings of Wurtemberg and Saxony and the Grand Duke of Baden.

London, Aug. 5. -- A dispatch from Rome to Reuter's Telegran Company says: "The Spanish Minister to Italy has communicated to Signor Mancini, Minister of Foreign Affairs, a telegram from the Council of Ministers of Spain instruction him to express their regret that a Spanish prelate should have mixed himself up with things foreign to his order. The above is in conection with the recent disturbances in Rome on the occasion of the removal of the remains of Pius IX."

A dispatch from Durban says: "The Administrator of Natal, speaking of Pietermanritzburg, in alluding to the situation of affairs in the Transvaal, said that Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood had a most disagreeable task for a soldier to perform, and all must home that he might be able to bring his task to such a conclusion as would cause the minimum amount of disgrace to the country. It may be added that, coming from the Acting Governor of Natal, this outspoken expression of feeling has attracted much attention."

Ragusa, Aug. 5. -- A band of 50 brigands robbed a mail courier at Bilek after killing two men of the escort.

Tabruz, Aug. 5. -- Hamgeh Agha, who headed the Persian Kurds during the late insurrection, one of his brothers, some of his nephews, and a number of his servants were shot at So-Uj-Bolak on July 29. Their heads were sent to the Governor of Azerbaijan.

Copenhagen, Aug. 5. -- A St. Petersburg correspondent says: "The Russian Court made the recent journey to Moscow because of the discovery of an extensive conspiracy to assassinate the imperial family. During the night, at Peterhof, the Police, on July 27, stopped a boat which had succeeded in passing the guard-ships and arrested the occupant. It was subsequently discovered that 60 persons -- some of them of high rank -- were involved in the plot"

St. Petersburg, Aug. 5. -- The trial of the revolutionists belonging to the so-called "Black Division" will commence before a special court on Sept. 28. The newspapers published a notification offering a reward for the capture by peasants of person who have been spreading false reports relative to the redistribution of land.

London, Aug 6. -- A dispatch from Lahore says: "An envoy from the Ameer of Afganistan left here on Wednesday, and was to arrive at Simla to-day (Friday.) He comes at the suggestion of the Viceroy of India, and bears a message wherein the Ameer reminds the Viceroy that he had earnestly and repeatedly begged the Indian Government to hold Kandahar for a year, in ordre to enable him to make his position secure. It is clear from the Envoy's account that the Ameer begain to lose heart when he heard the news of the British evacuation of Kandahar. The Envoy denies that the Ameer has sent his treasure to Taskend. The correspondent says, however, that this account will hardly be satisfactory to India. Ayoob Khan's troops now occupy Takhtipul to guard the Kandahar and Chaman-Chanki road."

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