The Occult World

The Occult World
by Alfred Percy Sinnett

Transcriber's Notes: This book was originally published in London in 1881; the edition presented here is by Colby & Rich, published in Boston in 1882. After the Title Page, there is an advertisement for Isis Unveiled which runs on to upwards of three hundred words, which I did not transcribe. Note also, that unlike the so-called 'American Edition', this 1882 edition has no Preface.

Dedication PageEdit

To one whose comprehension of Nature and Humanity ranges so far beyond the science and philosophy of Europe, that only the broadest-minded representatives of either will be able to realise the existence of such powers in Man as those he constantly exercises, — to

Koot Hoomi Lal Singh,

whose gracious friendship has given the present writer his title to claim the attention of the European world, this little volume, with permission sought and obtained, is affectionately dedicated.

A P Sinnett.

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