The Overland Monthly/Volume 3/Portala's Cross

The Overland Monthly, Volume 3, Issue 2  (1869) 
Portala's Cross by Francis Bret Harte


Pious Portala, journeying by land,
Reared high a cross upon the heathen strand,
Then far away
Dragged his slow caravan to Monterey.

The mountains whispered to the valleys, "good!"
The sun, slow sinking in the western flood,
Baptized in blood
The holy standard of the Brotherhood.

The timid fog crept in across the sea,
Drew near, embraced it, and streamed far and free,
Saying: "O ye
Gentiles and Heathen, this is truly He!"

All this the Heathen saw; and when once more
The holy Fathers touched the lonely shore—
Then covered o'er

With shells and gifts—the cross their witness bore.