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The Periplus of Hanno by Wilfred Harvey Schoff
Publications of the Commercial Museum, Philadelphia


Commercial America and America Comercial. A monthly illustrated journal in English and Spanish editions, published for circulation among merchants in foreign countries, to inform them concerning American manufactures. $2.00 per year, either edition.

Weekly Export Bulletin, for circulation among American manufacturers and ex- porters, to inform them of foreign trade opportunities reported to the Commercial Museum. Limited to members of the Foreign Trade Bureau.

Foreign Trade Figures. A Collection of Statistics covering some Features of the World's Commerce and Indicating the Share in it of the United States. 24 pp., paper covers.

Commerce of the World, 1910. An increase of 50 per cent over 1900. Imports and Exports of Leading Nations. By John J. Macfarlane. Librarian. October, 1911.

The World's Commerce and American Industries. Graphically Illustrated by Eighty-six Charts. Prepared by John J. Macfarlane, A.M., Librarian. 112 pp., paper covers. 1903.

Conversion Tables of Foreien Weights, Measures and Moneys, with comparisons of prices per pound, yard, gallon and bushel in United States money with prices per kilo, meter, liter, hectoliter, etc., in foreign moneys. By John J. Macfarlane, A. M., Librarian and Statistician. (In preparation)

Patent Laws and Trade Marks of Leading Countries of the World. 41 pp., paper covers. October, 1899.

Commerce of Latin America. A Brief Statistical Review. 20 pp. 1903.

Paper and Pulp: World's Export Trade. 50 pp. paper covers. April, 1900.

Cotton Manufactures: The World's Cotton Trade and United States Production. By John J. Macfarlane. IS pp., paper covers. May, 1907.

The Last Speech of President McKinley at Buffalo, Sept. 5, 1901. With extracts from previous speeches regarding the Philadelphia Commercial Museum. 7 pp., paper covers. October, 1901.

Manufacturing in Philadelphia, 1683-1912. Handsomely illustrated with photographs of some of the le.idinK industrial establishments. By John J. Macfarlane, A.M., Librarian and Statistician. 103 pp., cloth binding. 1912. 10.50.

Pan-American Commercial Congress. Report of the Meeting of the International Advisory Board. Dedication of the Museums by President McKinley. 226 pp., paper covers. 1897. $0.75.

Proceedings of the International Commercial Congress. A conference of representatives from the governments and commercial bodies of nearly every country in the world, invited through the United States Government, by The Philadelphia Commercial Museum, which orgranized simultaneously the National Export Exposition. to stimulate the American movement for wider foreign markets. 441 pp., cloth binding, richly illustrated. 1899. $2 00.

Proceedings of the National Export Trade Convention, held under the auspices of the Philadelphia Commercial Museum, at Philadelphia, December 12, 1911. 80 pp., paper covers, $0.25.

A Few Canal Facts. Compiled by the Philadelphia Commercial Museum, Nov.. 1907, for the organizing conference of the Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association. 5 pp.

Foreign Commercial Guide—South America. By Edward J. Cattell, assisted by H. S. Morrison and A. C. Kauffman. 284 pp., with outline map of each republic; cloth binding. 1908. $2.00.

The Republic of Guatemala. By Gustavo Niederlein. 63 pp., with map, papercovers. 1898.

The State of Nicaragua of the Greater Republic of Central America. By Gustavo Niederlein. 93 pp., paper covers. 1898.

The Republic of Costa Rica. By Gustavo Niederlein. 127 pp., paper covers. 1898.

'The Philadelphia Muceums Scientific Bulletin, No. 1. Contributions to the Herpetology of New Grenada and Argentina. With Descriptions and New Forms. By Edward D. Cope. Philadelphia. 1899. $0.25.

Notes on the Madagascar Collection. 15 pp., illustrated, paper covers. 1905. 5 cents.

The School Museum in its Relation to Geography and Commerce. By Charles K. Toothaker, Curator. Practical Suggestions for School Teachers. 27 pp., paper covers. 1911. Free on application.

The Periplus of Hanno: A Voyage of Discovery Down the West African Coast by a Carthaginian Admiral of the Fifth Century B. C. The Greek text, with translation and notes, by Wilfred H. Schoff, A. M., Secretary. Illustrated, 34 pp., paper covers (.second edition.) 1912. S0.25.

The Parthian Stations of Isidore of Charax. An account of the Overland Trade Route between the Levant and India in the First Century B. C. The Greek text, with Translation and Commentary, by Wilfred H. Schoff, A. M.. Secretary. Illustrated. Paper covers, about 48 pages. (In preparation)

Handbooks to the Museum Exhibits. For the guidance of visitors to the Philadelphia Commercial Museum. Paper covers, illustrated, each 30-40 pp. Scents. No. 1.Japan. No. 2, China. Other countries in preparation.


Commercial Raw Materials. By Charles R. Toothaker, Curator of the Commercial Museum. Boston : Ginn & Co., 108 pp., 1905, $1.25.

The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea: Travel and Trade in the Indian Occan by a Merchant of the First Century. Translated from the Greek and annotated by Wilfred H. Schoff, A.M., Secretary of the Commercial Museum. 328 pp., with colored map, cloth binding. New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1912, $2.00.