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The Practical Designer for Women's and Misses' Underwear

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1924. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).


The Practical Designer


Women's and Misses'


consisting of

Corset Covers, Camisoles, Brassiers,
Envelope Chemise, Nightgowns,
Drawers, Bloomers, Combinations,
Pajamas, Princess Slips

and Petticoats

According to the most up-to-date method.

Specially designed for self-instruction and Copyrighted by


Entered in the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 1918.

Published by




Title page for Women's and Misses' Underwear 789
Problem of Underwear 790-791
Proper Way of Taking Rise Measurement 792
Proportional Measurements for Women's and Misses' Underwear  793
Woman's First Foundation Lines 794-795
Woman's Second Foundation Lines 796-797
Woman's Corset Cover 798-799
Woman's Tight-fitting Corset Cover 800-801
Woman's Brassiere 802-803
Woman's Camisole 804-805
Woman's Chemise 806-807
Woman's Envelope Chemise 808-809
Woman's One-piece Night Gown 810-811
Woman's Night Gown with Yoke 812-813
Woman's Princess Slip 814-815
Woman's Bloomers or Knickerbockers, Front Part 816-817
Woman's Bloomers or Knickerbockers, Back Part 816-817
Woman's Drawers, Front Part 818-819
Woman's Drawers, Back Part 818-819
Woman's Pantaloon Pajamas, Front Part 820-821
Woman's Pantaloon Pajamas, Back Part 820-821
Woman's One-piece or Circular Drawers 822
Woman's Envelope Drawers 823
Woman's One-piece Pajamas, Kimono Style, Front Part 824-825
Woman's One-piece Pajamas, Kimono Style, Back Part 826-827
Woman's Combination Chemise, Back Part 828-829
Woman's Combination Chemise, Front Part 828-829
Woman's Step-in Chemise 830-831
Woman's One-piece Step-in 830-831
The Study of the Stout Form 832
Proportional Stout Measurements for Women 833
Woman's Tight-fitting Drawers, Front Part 834-835
Woman's Tight-fitting Drawers, Back Part 834-835
Woman's Kimono Effect Foundation 836-837
Woman's Pajama Blouse 838-839
Woman's Standing Collar 840
Woman's Flat Collar 841
Woman's One-piece Sleeve on Top of Armhole 842-843
Woman's Two-piece or Four Gore Petticoat 844-845
Woman's Five Gore Petticoat 846-847
Misses' Foundation Outline 848-849
Style Illustrations 850
Grading for Women's and Misses' Underwear 853
Problem of Grading for Women's and Misses' Underwear 854