Eonchs of Ruby/The Queen of Love

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A bright enameled Brooch of purest gold
She sported in her sunny-silken hair;
Now lilae satin did her limbs unfold,
While round her Moon-like brow more fair
Than Heaven when all the sky is clear,
A Diamond-studded chain of gold she wore,
Starred in the centre with her foronnier
Which shone like Vesper on the heavenly shore.

A glove of spotless kid enclosed her hand;
A golden Bracelet circled each fair wrist;
The ground on which her tender feet did stand
Was by her Kid-ensandaled foot imprest,
Like letters written by an Angel's hand
In Hieroglyphics of the Heavenly Land:
And all who saw her said she was possest
Of beauty that would make an Angel blest.

An Antique Cameo starred her silver vest,
Fit emblem of her heart it did unfold—
Couched in the valley of her snow-white breast,
Encased in circles of the vpurest gold.
The rich Design which graced the Gem was this;
A snow-white Dove, perched on a Tulip-Vase,
Was sipping nectar from the Chalice full,
While by her side there stood, with artless grace,
Her mate, drinking, in Art most beautiful—
This Antique Symbol set there to express,
In loftiest Art, her artful artlessness.