The Rampa Story/Author's Foreword

Published in 1960, the only one of Lobsang Rampa's books to have not been renewed.


“No bitterness,” said Mr. Publisher.

“All right,” I thought to myself, “but why should I have any bitterness? I am merely trying to do my job—writing a book as directed.”

“Nothing against the Press!” said Mr. Publisher.


“Dear, dear,” I said to myself “What does he take me for?” So it shall be. Nothing against the Press. After all, they think they are doing their job, and if they are fed incorrect information, then I suppose they cannot be held wholly responsible. But my idea about the Press? Tut, tut, No. Nothing more about the subject.

This book follows on from The Third Eye, and from Doctor from Lhasa. At the very outset I am going to tell you that this is Truth, not fiction. Everything that I have written in the other two books is true, and is my own personal experience. What I am going to write about concerns the ramifications of the human personality and ego, a matter at which we of the Far East excel.

However, no more Foreword. The book itself is the thing!