The Riverside song book/Faithful


Phoebe Cary. Arr. from
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


1. Faint - er and faint - er may fall on my ear The

2. Whit - er and whit - er may turn with each day The

3. Dark - er and dark - er a - bove thee may spread The

voice that is sweet - er than mu - sic to hear;

locks that so sad - ly are chang-ing to gray;

clouds of a fate that is hope-less and dread;

More and more ea - ger - ly then will I list, That

Dear - er and dear - er shall these seem to me, The

Bright-er and bright-er the sun of my love Will

nev - er a word or an ac - cent be missed.

few - er an whit - er an thin - ner they be,

shine, all the shad - ows and mists to re - move.

Slow - er and slow - er the foot - steps may grow, Whose

Weak - er and weak - er may be the light clasp Of the

En - vy and mal - ice thy life may as - sail,

fall is the pleas - ant - est sound that I know;

hand that I hold so se - cure in my grasp;

Fa - vor and for - tune and friend - ship may fail;

Quick - er and quick - er my glad heart shall learn To

Strong - er and strong-er my own to the last Will

Per - fect and sure, and un - dy - ing shall be The

catch its faint ech - o and bless its re - turn.

cling to it, hold - ing it ten - der - ly fast.

trust of this heart that is cen - tred in thee!

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.