A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Descriptive Songs/The Song of the Cormorant

27. The Song of the Cormorant.

Floating, flying, swimming ever,
On the restless sea dwell I;
Boatmen say, "There goes a diver;"
Landsmen, "'Tis a bird of prey."


Where the deep blue glassy ocean,
Rippling, murmurs pleasantly,
Where it raves in wild commotion,
Calm or tempest, there am I.

Where the crab, with slant meand'ring,
Crawls o'er tangled weeds his way,
Or herring-shoals delight in wand'ring,
There it is I seek my prey.
Where the deep blue glassy, &c.

Nets and lines and tackle ready,
Sailing with the early dawn,
Boatmen see me skim the eddy,
And hail a brother fisherman.
Where the deep blue glassy, &c.

H. F.