The Soul Of A Century/Preface


“The Soul Of A Century” contains English translations of the poetic works of representative Czech Poets, from the first decade of the 19th century to a corresponding milestone of the 20th century. The collection is by no means exhaustive, critical or even scholarly. The selections were made primarily on the basis of translatability, and their English readability was the final criterion of choice.

In the preparation of this volume the translator had in mind the need for familarizing the interested English reading public with a few rondom selections of Czech poetry of the last century. Wherever possible the selections are complete rather than excerpts. Most of the poems included appear for the first time, while some have appeared in port or completely in previous publications.

No attempt has been made to present a scholarly anthology and the interested reader is referred to an appended list of available English anthologies of Czechoslovak literature for further study of the various authors included.

If this volume serves to stimulate further interest in Czech poetry, the translator will feel well compensated for the efforts involved.


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