The Southern Poems of the War

The Southern Poems of the War  (1867) 
by Emily Virginia Mason



Poems of the War

Collected and Arranged by

Miss Emily V. Mason.


John Murphy & Co., Publishers

182 Baltimore Street.


Entered according to Act of Coluches, in the year 1866,

By John Murphy,

in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Maryland.






To the Southern Soldiers,




"No marble slab or graven stone
Their gallant deeds to tell;
No monument to mark the spot
Where they with glory fell
Their names shall yet a herald find
In every tongue of fame,
When valley, stream, and minstrel voice,
Shall ring with their acclaim."


In the beginning of the war I conceived the design of collecting and preserving the various War Poems, which born of the excited state of the public mind,) then inundated our newspapers. For a time, I carried out this intention, but a very busy lite soon obliged me to relinquish it; so that I am indebted to the kindness of friends for most of the later Poems in this collection.

Travelling since the war through many portions of the South, I have heard every where the wish expressed, that these Poems should be collected and published in a form so cheap as to be necessible to all. This desire I have endeavored to fulfil.

Besides a "Memorial" volumnie, to preserve these "Bongs," expressive of the hopes and triumphs and sorrows of a "lost canae," I have another design-to aid by its sale the Education of the Daughters of our desslate land; to pt a certain number for Teachers, that they may take to their homes and spread amongst the different Southern States the knowledge of those accomplishments which else may be denied them.

I appeal to all good people to aid me in this effort to provide for the women of the South, (the future mothers of the country.) the timely boon of creation. Many of these children are the orphans of soldiers, from whom they have inherited nothing but an honorable name, and the last hours of more than one of whom I was enabled to soothe by the promise that I would do something for the little ones they left behind them. That promise, I trust, this humble effort may enable me in part to redeem.

Emily V. Mason.


The Southern Cross St. George Tucker 13
Address to President Davis Mrs. E. K. Blunt 15
Southern Chant of Defiance Mrs. C. A. Warfield 17
Written before the Secession of Va. Mrs. Rebecca Tabb 19
The Fall of Sumter, April, 1801 A. L. D. 21
A Cry to Arms 23
Poem on the Death of “Jackson" 25
Dead Jackson. 26
Rallying Song of the Virginians Susan Archer Talley 27
1861 28
1776 - 1861 29
II.- Seventy-six and Sixty-one 31
Yes, Call us Rebels ! 'Tis the Name Albert Pike 32
Rebels! "Tis a Holy Name Rev. Mr. Garesche 34
Hymn-God Save the South Geo. H. Miles 36
Anthem of the Confederate States 38
God Save the South Agnew 40
Hurrah! A Mississippian 41
The Ship of State Mrs. C. A. Warfield 43
The Southron's War Song J. A. Jagner 45
"On to Richmond" Jno. A. Thompson 46
Battle Eve 51
Manassas Mrs. C. A. Warfield 52
"Our Left" 53
The Battle of Manassas Mrs. Clarke 55
Virginia's Jewels Miss Rebecca Powell 58
Maryland! Jas. R. Randall 60
Charge of the Night Brigade 63
"There's Life in the Old Land Yet". F. K. Howord 65
"Independence Day". 66
Are we Free ? Jas. R. Brewer 67
The Kentueky Partizán Paul I. Hayne 70
John Morgan's Credentials 73
The Toast of Morgan's Men Capt. Thorpe 73
Louisiana 74
Charles B, Dreux.. Jas. A. Randall 75
Beauregard Mrs. C. A. Warfield 77
Beauregard's Appeal 79
Sabbath Bells. Charleston Mercury 81
March on! Caroliniana, march on Mrs. Farley 82
Carolina Mrs. Anna Peyre Dennies 84
The Tennessee Exile's Song 87
Lines on the Death of Col. B. F. Terry R. Berrick 89
The Stranger's Death 91
Song of the Texas Rangers 93
The Flag of the Lone Star Tonella 93
There's Life in the Old Land Yet. Jas. R. Randall 97
All quiet along the Potomae to-night. 99
Fast Day, Nov., 1861 Miss R. Powell 101
The War-Christian's Thank giving. S. T. Tallis 103
Christmas Carol, for 1862.... Mrs. M. J. Preston 105
A Picture Savannah Morning News 109
A Southern Scene- 1862 111
Song of the Freedman A. R. Watson 114
The Unreturning. 117
Zollieofler H. L. Flash 119
The Burial of Capt. O. Jennings Wisc. Accomac 120
Fort Donelson-The Siege, Feb., 1862 Mrs. C. A. Warfield 121
The Battle of Hampton Roads Teneila 123
The Turtle 123
Albert Sidney Johnston Fleming James 127
Lines written during these Gloomy Times J. H. Hewitt 131
Away with the Dastards who whine of Defeat Paul II. Payne 138
Steady and Really 137
Prayer 139
A Sunday Reverie Jas. R. Randall 141
The Soldier's Farewell to his Wife Wm. K Campbell 144
The Soldier's Grave Pearl 146
The Soldier's Last Combat Mrs. Elian E. Harper 117
Home Again Jef Thompson 149
My Father Jerry R. Jackson 150
My Wife and Child. Ibid. 152
A Mother's Prayer 154
The Mother to her Son in the Trepelies at Petersburg.. W. D. Porter 156
The Ladies of Richmond Charleston Courier 158
Rode's Brigade Charge at Seven Pines W. P. C. 161
Lines 163
"Information Wanted" 165
The Drummner Boy Jas. R. Breuer 107
The Old Brigade. Maurice D' Bell 150
The Burial of Latané Jan R. Thompson 173
The Beleaguered City. Roma Vertner Jeffrey 176
Richmond on the James Anne Marie Welby 177
Missing 180
The Dying Soldier 182
Reading the List 184
The Lonely Grave Mrs. C. A. Ball 185
The Sacket of Gray-To those who wore it Ibid, 189
"You'll tell her, wont you?". 191
Somebody's Darling Miss Barie Lacoste 192
The Tear-Guard of the Army Iris 191
Heart Victories Soldier's wife 196
Address to the Exchanged Prisoners S.T. Walls 198
Fiat Justitia Lady of Baltimore 200
Lines written in Fort Warren G. W. B. 202
The Captain's Story 204
The Debt 206
Butler's Proclamation Paul H. Hayne 208
The Guerrillas S. T. Wallis 211
At Fort Pillow Jas. R. Randall 214
Bombardinent of Vicksburg 217
Gone to the Battle-field 219
The Virginians of the Valley Tickor 222
The Valley of the Shenandoah 223
The Reaper 294
Dirge for Ashby 520
Ashby John N. Thompson 228
Gen. John B. Floyd Eulalie 230
Virginia's Dead 232
My Order Gordon McCabe 295
The Southern Cross. 237
Hymn to the National Flag Mrs. M. J. Preston 239
The Countersign 241
Our "Cottage by the Sen" Prisoner in Fort Lafayette 243
The Quaker Girl's Farewell to her Soulborn Lever. Mrs. Eliza E. Harper 245
A Confederate Officer to his Ladye Love Maj. McKnight 247
The Homespun Dress 249
Cannon Song 252
On a Raid Ikey Ingle 253
Coming at Last George H. Miles 250
Beyond the Potomac Paul H. Hayne 257
The Southern Oath Rosa Vertner Jefrey 260
The Brave at Home 262
Little Footsteps Mary J. Upshur 203
"Minding the Gap" Mollie L. Moore 264
Why the Robin's Breast was Red. Jas. R. Randall 268
Lines on the Death of Annie Carter Lee Tenella 269
At the Last 271
The Long Ago Philo Henderson 272
Christmas-1863 Henry Timrod 274
Charleston Ibid 277
By the Camp Fire Viola 279
John Pelham Jas. R. Randall 282
A Pledge to Lee Mrs. C. A. Warfield 284
Charade 286
Stonewall Jackson's Way. 287
Stonewall's Sable Seers... Mrs. C. A. Warfield 289
Riding a Raid 292
The Lone Sentry. Jas. R. Randall 293
On the Death of Lieut. Gen. Jackson Mrs. C. A. Warfield 205
Lines on the Death of Stonerall Jackson 298
The Funeral Dirge of Stonewall Jackson Rosa Vertner Jefrey 301
Stonewall Jackson H. L. Flash 304
Stonewall 305
Stonewall Jackson's Grave Mrs. H. J. Preston 307
"Over the River". J. Doffore 311
"Let us cross over the River aed rest under the shade of the Trees" James 313
The "Slonewall" Cemetery Mrs. M. B. Clark 314
A Voice from the South Rosa Vertner Jeffrey 316
The Autumn Rain Susan Archer Talley 318
Nil Desperandum-To the Southern Soldier Ikey Ingle 319
Despondency Tenelire 320
Lilies of the Valley Rosa Vertner Jeffrey 329
The Duy Picket; or, Charley's Guard Lady of Kentucky 324
"True to the Last!” Col. W. S. Hawkins 325
A Prison Scene Ibid. 327
Lines on Captain Beall Ibid. 329
The Hero without a Name.... Ibid. 331
The Chines of St. Paul Toncila 335
Lines to Lee Mrs. C. A. Werfield 337
Leo to the Rear John R. Thompson 330
General Lee at the Battle of the Wilderness Tenella 342
"The Cavalier's Glee” Capt. Blackford. 341
Stuart W. Winston Fontaine 345
Gen. J. E. B. Stuart Jno. R. Thompson 347
Semmes' Sword 350
Oh! no, be'll not need them again J. D. Sullivan 952
Sumter in Ruins... W. Gilmore Simms 354
Polk H. L. Flash 365
John Pegram W. Gordon McCabe 356
A Prayer for Peace S. T. Wallis 358
"Shermanized" L. Virginia French 300
The Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia - April 10, 1865 Florence Anderson 303
The Sword of Robert Lee Moina 365
General Robert E. Lee Tenella 367
April Twenty-sixth Annie Ketchum Chambery 368
Dixie Rosa Vertner Jeffrey 369
Weep! Weep! 371
Peace L. Burroughs 378
The Price of Peace Luola 375
Acceptation Mrs. M. J. Preston 379
Virginia Capta Ibid. 380
The Conquered Banner.. Moine 381
"Told it up Carefully" Sir Henry Houghton, Bart. 383
Cruci Dun Spiro, Fido... J. C. M. 384
Lines written July 15, 1805. A. L. D. 385
Off with your Grey Suite, Boys! 387
Wearing of the Grey A Mississippian 388
Our Failure Author of "Southrons" 389
Here und There Sunny South 392
In the Land where we were Dreaming Dan. Lucas 397
The Broken Mug A Soldier 400
Last Request of Henry C. Magruder 405
Forget? Never! Mrs. C. A. Ball 406
Arlington Mrs. M. J. Preston 408
Our Chief Author of "Southrons" 411
Jefferson Davis Wm. Munford 412
Jefferson Davis Southern Woman 444
An Appeal for Jefferson Davis. A Lady of Virginia 446
Jefferson Davis Mollie E. Moore 448
Regulus Mrs. M. J. Preston 421
The Battle of Buena Vista Mississippian 423
The Confederate Note Maj. S. A. Jonas 425
Give them Bread! G. L. R. 426
A Wind from the South C. C. 428
To the Ladies of Baltimore Mrs. Dellie C. Locke 430
The Blessed Hand S. T. Wallis 433
The Blessed Heart Mrs. M. M. 435
T. Miss —, of Va Stella 437
The Waste of War 439
Our Dead Col. A. M. Hobby 440
The Confederate Dead Latienne 443
Song 445
Lines read at Hollywood Cemetery, May 10, 1868 446
Lines. Florence Anderson 447
Our Cherished Dead 450
April 26th Dr. Ford 451
Home-after the War M. E. H. 451
The Vanquished Patriot's Prayer 453
Heaven 455

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.