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The Souvenir of Western Women/Behnke-Walker Business College

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The Behnke-Walker Business College is an institution of which the City of Portland can well feel proud. It was founded only five years ago. To-day it is classed as the leading institution of its kind in this part of the country. Within the past four months they have enrolled more than 300 pupils, this number being only 100 less than during the twelve months previous.

The equipment is of the latest, complete in every detail. They have left no stone unturned for the benefit of their pupils. The business practice department has ten offices; Retail, commission, real estate, insurance, bank, etc., each having a different set of books. In this way the pupils become familiar with all phases of bookkeeping, from the simplest to the most complicated transactions.

This college possesses the unique feature of being the only college in the United States that equips each of its offices with a typewriter. The bank is equipped with an adding machine, the only one used by a business college west of the Mississippi River.

The business and shorthand departments are connected by a private telephone. The business department is under the direct supervision of Mr. I. M. Walker, one of the proprietors. The shorthand department is in charge of Mr. H. W. Behnke, president of the college.

The Pernin system of shorthand is taught. It employs no shading, no position, has only a few word signs, and connective vowels follow consonants in their natural order as in longhand. This system can be learned in one-third the time required to learn the Pitman, Graham or Munson. The standard for graduation is 125 words per minute for five consecutive minutes.

The college is in session throughout the entire year. A night school is also conducted for those unable to attend during the day.