The Spirit of the Nation/The Spirit of the Times

The Spirit of the Nation
The Spirit of the Times by Black Northern (Charles Gavan Duffy)



"From pole to pole the deep electric tone
Of Liberty is out. Wilt thou not share?"


Up, recreant, up! Our land hath called her sons
From solitudes and cities, courts and marts,
To fight her fight, and lo! what eager hearts
Answer her call. But not with blades and guns,
But arms more keen than Europe's or the Hun's—
Reason and Truth, come they to play their parts.
Shake off the dream-world's thraldom and awake
To see thy land become regenerate,
And aid, if aid thou may'st, a work so great
The mist of prejudice, as from a lake,
Is rising from men's minds, and tyrants quake
Reading the signs aright that speak our coming fate.
Then up! for here the patriot heart may glow
With ecstacy that tame life cannot know.