The Spirit of the Nation/The Union



How did they pass the Union?
By perjury and fraud;
By slaves, who sold for place or gold
Their country and their God;
By all the savage acts that yet
Have followed England's track:
The pitchcap and the bayonet,
The gibbet and the rack.
And thus was passed the Union
By Pitt and Castlereagh;
Could Satan send for such an end
More worthy tools than they?


How thrive we by the Union?
Look round our native land:
In ruined trade and wealth decayed
See slavery's surest brand;
Our glory as a nation gone—
Our substance drained away—
A wretched province trampled on,
Is all we've left to-day.
Then curse with me the Union,
That juggle foul and base,
The baneful root that bore such fruit
Of ruin and disgrace.


And shall it last, this Union,
To grind and waste us so?
O'er hill and lea, from sea to sea,
All Ireland thunders, No!
Eight million necks are stiff to bow—
We know our might as men—
We conquered once before, and now
We'll conquer once again;
And rend the cursed Union,
And fling it to the wind—
And Ireland's laws in Ireland's cause
Alone our hearts shall bind!