The Times/1927/Letters to the Editor/The Late Dr. Jackson

The Late Dr. Jackson
To the Editor of The Times

Sir,—In your obituary notice of Dr. Daydon Jackson to-day it is stated that Sir Joseph Hooker's account of the inception of the Kew Index was published in the preface to the first volume, 1893, and that this did not make it very clear that "the work was int he main Dr. Jackson's own." It should be noted that the substance of this account by Sir Joseph Hooker had already appeared in 1887 in the "Life and Letters of Charles Darwin," Vol. III., pp. 351-4, where Sir Francis Darwin quotes it from the same paper of Dr. Jackson's in the Journal of Botany, 1887, upon which your obituary draws. Here also, in addition to the inception of the scheme which it was Hooker's part to describe in the preface, there stands on record the high appreciation felt by both Hooker and Francis Darwin of Dr. Jackson's immense work in the "elaboration in detail" of the scheme already considered, and his unsparing devotion to his task, already so "colossal," within five years of Darwin's death.

Faithfully yours,
Leonard Huxley.
16, Brackness-gardens, Oct. 15

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