The Times/1948/News/Henry Harvey Bruce

Admiral Sir Henry Bruce

The funeral service for Admiral Sir Henry Harvey Bruce was held on Saturday at St. Michael's Chester Square. The Rev. F. H. Gillingham officiated. Those present included:—

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bruce (son and daughter-in-law), Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Oliver, Admiral Sir Alan Hotham, Admiral Sir Howard Kelly, Air Marshal Sir Robert Saundby (president, Metropolitan area, British Legion), Sir Brunel Cohen (representing national executive council, British Legion), Major-General J. M. L. Grosvenor (Officers' Association), Major-General H. A. Lewis, Lady (Ian) Fraser, the Mayor of Westminster, Captain H. T. A. Bosanquet, R.N., Mr. George Turnbull, many other personal friends, and representatives of St. George's Conversation Association, Westminster National Savings Committee, and the King's Roll Clerk's Assocation, together with members of the British Legion came from all parts of London and suburbs.

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