The Virtues of Coffee, Chocolette, and Thee or Tea

The Virtues of Coffee, Chocolette, and Thee or Tea  (c. 1690) 

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Experimentally known in this our Climate.


THE Nature, Places and Manner of its Growth, and what it is, I shall not insist upon to acquaint you, as being too tedious, and for that it hath been already by several set forth; but I have Observcd, that in those Parts where they drink it at all times, as at Meals and otherwise, the Inhabitants are not subject to the Stone, Scurvey, Gout, Dropsie, nor many other Diseases which are incident to us here; it being moderately warm, attenuating and dry, so that many crudities and crude Humors by the common use of this Drink are very much Corrected. And I find by Experience, that it hath taken also its good Effects in these our parts and Climate; for it being drank at any time, dryeth up moist and waterish Humors, expelleth Wind, moderately binding and cleansing, it helpeth those that have the Dropsie by its drying quality, and is most excellent against that common Distemper: For by the constant drinking thereof it Cured a Learned Bishop of this Kingdom, who had been before left off as Incurable by some of the most ablest Physicians of England, (by drinking thereof, as he was advised, with Sugar—candy;) it strengthneth much the Liver, helpeth the Jaundies, it's good against the Corruption of the Blood, it refresheth the Heart and vitals, it helpeth Swooning, palpitation and weakness of the Heart, and dizziness in the Head, it strengthneth the Stomach, helpeth the want of Appetite, Concoction, and pains in the Stomach; in the Brain it helpeth all cold, moist and drowsie distempers, as the Lethargy, Apoplexy, &c. the Steam is good for Rheums in the Eyes, and for pains and noise in the Ears, or dulness of Hearing; it's good against all moist Rheums, if the matter or Phlegm be thick, then sweeten it with Sugar-candy; it's good against Hypochondriack Winds, and the pains of the Spleen; it purgeth by Urine, (a good Drink for those that are troubled with the Stone in the Reins or the Bladder;) it's experimentally good to prevent Miscarriage; it's good against the Gout, Sciatica, and for all Rheums and rheumatick Pains in the whole Body. Are any Surfeited with Drunkenness or Gluttony? let this be their common Drink. Do any eat much Fruit? let them drink much of this; in the Spring time when Humors do increase make good use of this: As to the time of drinking it, at any time of the Day, unless within two or three Hours before going to Bed, for it hinders Sleep, but its Operation will not last above two or three Hours; you may not fear any hurt by the due and moderate Use of it.


IT'S a great Cordial both for Aged people, Middle-aged and Young; it nourisheth the Child in the Womb; it's a great Corroborator, and it doth not only warm and comfort the Coats of the Stomach, but it doth nourish and restore Nature where it is debilitated and depraved; it is Hot and Moist in the second Degree, and by that Heat which is Moderate it doth in an Extraordinary manner help Digestion by its warm and strengthning Quality; if a Man or Woman hath eat a full Meal, and are out of order for want of Digestion, let them take a Cup or two of this, and it shall by that Digestive faculty which is inherent in it carry it off without any more trouble. It hath been by the use of a Gentleman well experienced both in Physick and Chirurgery most admirable for inward Bruises, being given in place of Mummie, Sperma-ceti, Irish-Slate, &c. who was by the taking of it himself simply, as usually prepared in ordinary Houses, Cured, when having two of his Ribs broken, being at the same time above Fifty Years of age; and further he saith, that the Virtues of the same Nut is a most Sovereign Medicine or rather Diet for all kind of Weak and Decayed Bodies, of what Age or Sex soever; it hath many other Virtues which for brevities sake are omitted. For any man that doth Travel upon the Road, (as such there are that cannot eat in the morning,) let them but drink a Dish or two of this, and they Travel by the strength of it many Miles. All whic things are sufficiently known, and can be proved by many who now live in the City of London, to their own Experience, for above these Thirty Years.

Of THEE, or TEA.

IT'S an Herb that groweth in China and Japonia, it is moderately Hot and binding; this wholsome Herb preserveth in perfect Health till very Old age, it maketh the Body active and lusty, it helpeth Headach and heaviness thereof, Lippitude, Distillatious, and difficulty of Breathing, weakness of the Ventricle, pains of the Bowels, Lassitude, it is also good for the Stone, and for any sharp Rheums whatsoever.

The Reader may take notice, that there are many who pretend Skill, and do prepare both Coffee and Chocolette, but either for want of Judgement in compounding, buying of bad Commodities, or not being at the Charge for doing it well, do vend that which is false made up, and so the Operation hath not its proper Effect, which brings it under a disreputation. But if any man hath occasion for that which is good indeed, and really and truly prepared and compounded, let them repair to Samuel Price in Christ-Church Hospital, near Newgate-street, and they may be furnished with that which is Pure, and fit for use, of either Sort, upon his Word.

With Allowance.

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