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Chapter I.—How the Princess Amasidia meets a bull.

Chapter II.—How the wise Mambres, formerly magician of Pharaoh, knew again the old woman, and was known by her.

Chapter III.—How the beautiful Amasidia had a secret conversation with a beautiful serpent.

Chapter IV.—How they wanted to sacrifice the bull and exorcise the Princess.

Chapter V.—How the wise Mambres conducted himself wisely.

Chapter VI.—How Mambres met three prophets, and gave them a good dinner.

Chapter VII.—How King Amasis wanted to give the white bull to be devoured by the fish of Jonah, and did not do it.

Chapter VIII.—How the serpent told stories to the Princess to comfort her.

Chapter IX.—How the serpent did not comfort the Princess.

Chapter X.—How they wanted to behead the Princess, and did not do it.

Chapter XI.—Apotheosis of the white bull—Triumph of the wise Mambres—The seven years proclaimed by Daniel are accomplished—Nebuchadnezzar resumes the human form, marries the beautiful Amasidia, and ascends the throne of Babylon.