The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 16

A Prophecy of the Turks, concerning the downſal of their Empire.

OUR Monarch ſhall come, he ſhall diſpoſſeſs the unbelieving Prince of this kingdom; he ſhall ſubdue the red apple, and make it yield to his government, and if happily the Chriſtian ſword prevail not unto the ſeventh year, he ſhall over-rule them unto the twelfth year: He ſhall build caſtles, plant vineyards, and fortify his gardens (or towns) with walls; he ſhall increaſe in iſſue; but after the 12th year, the ſword of the Chriſtians ſhall approach, which ſhall put the Turks to flight, utterly vanquiſhing them. As for this prophecy, the accompliſhment of it is now in diſpute between the Turks and Chriſtians, and therefore I leave the reader to expect the event.