The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 18

Gildas his Prophecy mentioned by Biſhop Usher, relating to the Scots Nation, and reduced into Engliſh thus:

SCOTLAND 'bove all ſhall his brave Chief bemoan,
Who all the ſea-girt places rules alone:
The widow'd land of bounteous Prince bereft,
Shall twice three years and nine long months be left.
Sad Scotland mourns her old juſt valiant Kings,
But Merling ſays, after them up there ſprings,
One that ſhall not in kingly manner ſway,
The royal ſceptre, yet make them obey:
To Albany preſaging miſchief flows,
By their own frauds undone more than their foes,
Yet old Sybillia has in rhymes foretold,
She ſhall revive when one that doats on gold
Is lay'd to reſt; the white Albanion then,
By treachery undoes his country-men:
A northern Prince with numerous, ſhips ſhall vex,
The Scots, whom fury, ſword and death perplex:
Soon after ſorrows ceaſe, and joys appear,
And welcome peace ſalutes our hemiſphere.
This Gildas in ſtory well read, foreſhows,
Whoſe verſe though brief, much matter may diſcloſe.