The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 21

A Prophecy found in the Mountain Taurus in Switzerland, engraven on a ſquare marble ſtone, and in Engliſh, thus:

A Star shall ariſe in Europe over the Hiberians, towards the great houſe of the north, whoſe beams shall unexpectedly enlighten the whole world: This shall be in a moſt deſireable time, when mortals wearied with wars, shall unanimouſly deſire peace; they shall ſtrive indeed, by reaſon of a long laſting vacancy, with various ſtudies, who shall obtain the power of empire, but at laſt the off-ſpring of the ancient blood shall overcome, and proceed victoriouſly by force of arms, till reſiſted by contrary fates; for this far being ſet, another co-equal light blazing with more ardent flames of war, shall ſpread his empire even to the coaſt of the Antipodes; but firſt France shall ſubmit her neck to his yoke, and Britanny ſupplyant in ships, shall caſt her ſelf at his feet. Italy breathing after ſceptres ſo high, shall ſtretch to him her languishing hand: But this bright beam with the vaſt deſire of men, shall abſcond itſelf in the clouds of God; after which many dire misfortunes and calamities ſhall befal mankind, &c.

Cornelius Gemma cites this prophecy in his book of ſupernatural apparitions, and it is held to be one of the prophecies of Sybilla Tiburtina, and many interpreted it to the advantage of Charles the fifth emperor, others of Philip the ſecond, king of Spain; others to Henry the fourth of France, but however, none of them anſwered it in their action, therefore we muſt conclude it is yet to come, and expect a favourable iſſue.