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The Works of Lord Byron (ed. Coleridge, Prothero)/Poetry/Volume 7/On a Royal Visit to the Vaults (Windsor Poetics)

[Another Version.]


[or Cæsar's Discovery of C. I. and H. 8. in ye same Vault.]

Famed for their civil and domestic quarrels
See heartless Henry lies by headless Charles;
Between them stands another sceptred thing,
It lives, it reigns—"aye, every inch a king."
Charles to his people, Henry to his wife,
In him the double tyrant starts to life:
Justice and Death have mixed their dust in vain.
The royal Vampires join and rise again.
What now can tombs avail, since these disgorge
The blood and dirt[2] of both to mould a George!

  1. [From an autograph MS. in the possession of the Hon. Mrs. Norbury. The first wrapper has written upon it, "The original Impromptu within is in the handwriting of the noble author Lord Byron, given to Mr. Norbury [private secretary to Lord Granville] by Mr. Dallas, his Lordship's valued relative." Second wrapper, "Autograph of Lord Byron—tres précieux." Third (outside) wrapper, "Autographe célèbre de Lord Byron."]
  2. [Πηλὸν αἴματι πεφυραμένον.
    "Clay kneaded with blood."

    Suetonius, in Tiberium, cap. 57.]