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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Elizabeth Hamilton and Mrs. Ramsay to Jonathan Swift - 1

Indorsed '1712, I suppose.'

I HAVE had great satisfaction in the favour of your letter, though disappointed, since not occasioned by yourself. When one is too quick, misjudging commonly follows. At first I feared Mr. Collier was taken with a fit of an apoplexy; the next line I read, I wished he had one. If I did not apprehend, by your knowing me but a little, that I might grow troublesome where I distinguished, you should not want any conveniency to bring you hither to Mrs. Ramsay and me, who are both, without compliment, truly mortified, intending ever to be, sir,

Your sincere humble servants,

Clifden, Monday.

We design to be at Windsor on Wednesday, where I hope you will meet me in the drawingroom, to tell me when you can dine with us.