The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Erasmus Lewis to Jonathan Swift - 2


WE are all running head long into the greatest confusion imaginable. Sir Thomas Hanmer[1] is gone into the country this morning, I believe much discontented; and I am very apprehensive, neither lord Anglesea[2] nor he will continue long with us. I heartily wish you were here; for you might certainly be of great use to us, by your endeavours to reconcile, and by representing to them the infallible consequences of these divisions. We had letters this morning from Ireland, What is the reason I had none from you? Adieu. I hope your want of health is not the cause[3].

  1. Speaker of the house of commons.
  2. 'Arthur, who was joint vice treasurer of Ireland with Edward earl of Clarendon.'
  3. Indorsed, "Mr. Lewis, about the divisions," &c.