The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From John Barber to Jonathan Swift - 3


I AM heartily sorry I should be the messenger of so ill news, as to tell you the queen is dead, or dying: if alive, it is said, she cannot live till morning. You may easily imagine the confusion we are all in on this sad occasion. I had set out yesterday to wait on you, but for this sad accident, and should have brought letters from lord Bolingbroke, and lady Masham, to have prevented your going. Pray do not go, for I will come to you when I see how things stand. My lord Shrewsbury is made lord treasurer, and every thing is ready for the proclaiming the duke of Brunswick king of England. The parliament will sit to morrow, and choose a new speaker, for sir Thomas[1] is in Wales.

For God's sake do not go; but either come to London, or stay till I come to you.