The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From John Shower to Robert Harley - 1


LONDON, DEC. 20, 1711.

THOUGH there be little reason to expect your lordship should interpose in favour of the dissenters, who have been so shamefully abandoned, sold, and sacrificed by their professed friends; the attempt is however so glorious, in all its views, tendencies, and prospects, that, if it be not too late, I would most humbly beg your lordship not to be immoveable as to that matter. The fatal consequences of that bill cannot be expressed: I dread to think of some of them; and shall as much rejoice with many thousands, if you may be instrumental to prevent it. May Heaven direct you in this, and all your great affairs for the publick good of your country!

I am, my honoured lord,

your most obedient servant,

  1. An eminent dissenting minister. He was born at Exeter in 1657, and officiated in the Old Jewry. He died June 28, 1715, after having published a great number of Sermons and other religious treatises, which are enumerated in the Life prefixed to his Funeral Sermon by W. Tong. Sir Bartholomew Shower was his brother.