The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to Esther Vanhomrigh - 1

LARACOR, JULY 8, 1713.

I STAYED but a fortnight in Dublin very sick; and returned not one visit of a hundred, that were made me; but all to the dean, and none to the doctor. I am riding here for life; and I think I am something better. I hate the thoughts of Dublin, and prefer a field bed, and an earthen floor, before the great house there, which they say is mine, I had your last splenetick letter. I told you, when I left England, I would endeavour to forget every thing there, and would write as seldom as I could. I did indeed design one general round of letters to my friends; but my health has not yet suffered me. I design to pass the greatest part of the time I stay in Ireland, here, in the cabin where I am now writing: neither will I leave the kingdom till I am sent for; and if they have no farther service for me, I will never see England again. At my first coming, I thought I should have died with discontent; and was horribly melancholy, while they were installing me, but it begins to wear off, and change to dulness. My river walk is extremely pretty, and my canal in great beauty; and I see trouts playing in it. I know not any one thing now in Dublin. But Mr. Ford is very kind, and writes to me constantly what passes among you. I find you are likewise a good politician; and I will say so much to you, that I verily think, if the thing you know of had been published just upon the peace, the ministry might have avoided what has since happened: but I am now fitter to look after willows, and to cut hedges, than meddle with affairs of state. I must order one of the workmen to drive those cows out of my island, and make up the ditch again; a work much more proper for a country vicar, than driving out factions, and fencing against them. I must go and take my bitter draught to cure my head, which is spoiled by the bitter draughts which the publick has given me. So go to your dukes and duchesses, and leave me to goodman Bumford, and Patrick Dolan, of Clanduggan. Adieu.