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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Jonathan Swift to William King - 29

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TRIM, JULY 16, 1713.

I HAVE been about five weeks in this kingdom, but so extremely ill with the return of an old disorder in my head, that I was not able to write to your grace. I have been the greatest part of that time at my country parish, riding every day for my health. I can tell your grace nothing from Dublin, having spent the days I was there between business and physick, and paid no visits, nor received any but one day; and I reckon it no great loss, for I hear they are all party mad; and it is one felicity of being among willows, that one is not troubled with faction. I hope you have as little of it at the Bath; for I cannot fancy it does well with the waters. If your grace goes to London from the Bath, I believe I may have the honour of waiting on you; although I shall do all in my power to save the trouble of such a journey, which neither my fortune nor my health will very well bear. I hope you feel the good effects of the place you are in; and I pray God continue your life, for the good of his church.

The other day, Mr. Thacker, prebendary of Sagard and vicar of Rathcool, died; and it would he a great mark of goodness in your grace, as well as a personal favour to me, if you would please to dispose of his livings in favour of Mr. Thomas Warburton, who has been many years my assistant in the cure of Laracor, has behaved himself altogether unblamably, and is a gentleman of very good learning and sense. If I knew any one more deserving, I would not recommend him; neither would I do it however, because I know your grace has a great many dependants, but that it will be a great use to me to have a vicar in one of my rectories, and upon my deanery, in whom I can confide. I am told the livings amount to a hundred and twenty pounds a year at most; and it may probably happen in my way to be able to oblige some friend of your's in a greater matter, which I shall very readily do. I am, with the greatest respect,

My lord,

your grace's most obedient

and most humble servant,