The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Joseph Addison to Jonathan Swift - 3


I AM heartily glad to hear you are so near us. If you will deliver the enclosed to the captain of the Wolf, I dare say he will accommodate you with all in his power. If he has left Chester, I have sent you a bill according to the bishop of Clogher's desire, of whom I have a thousand good things to say. I do not ask your excuse about the yacht, because I don't want it, as you shall hear at Dublin: if I did, I should think myself inexcusable. I long to talk over all affairs with you, and am ever, dear sir, your's most entirely,

P. S. The yacht will come over with the acts of parliament, and a convoy about a week hence, which opportunity you may lay hold of, if you do not like the Wolf. I will give orders accordingly.