The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Narcissus Marsh and William King to Jonathan Swift - 1

DUBLIN, OCT. 24, 1710.

WE directed a letter to the bishops of Ossory and Killaloe last August, desiring and empowering them to solicit the affair of our first-fruits and twentieth parts with her majesty; which has depended so long, notwithstanding her majesty's good intentions, and several promises of the chief governors here to lay our addresses before her majesty in the best manner. We were then apprehensive, that those bishops might return from England before the business could be effected, and therefore we desired them to concern you in it: having so good assurance of your ability, prudence, and fitness to prosecute such a matter. We find the bishops returned before you came to London, for which we are very much concerned; and judging this the most proper time to prosecute it with success, we entreat you to take the full management of it into your hands; and do commit the care of soliciting it to your diligence and prudence; desiring you to let us know from time to time what progress is made in it. And if any thing farther be necessary on our part, on your intimation we shall be ready to do what shall be judged reasonable.

This, with our prayers for the good success of your endeavours, is all from,


Your, &c.