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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From Robert Freind to Jonathan Swift - 1

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WESTM. SEPT. 20, 1715.

I AM much obliged to lady Kerry for giving you an occasion of writing, and shall always be pleased in receiving any commands from you. Mr Fitzmaurice[2] is very promising, and a favourite of mine already. I had never seen or heard from any one that was concerned for him, till I had the favour of yours; but as I had taken a particular notice of him on his own account, I shall now do it much more upon yours. This will be brought to you by your kinsman, Mr. Rolt. I am glad I can tell you, that he has behaved himself very well here. He is not of the highest sort, but is very sober and industrious, and will work out his way, and I believe, deserve any encouragement you are pleased to give him. Things are in an odd posture with us at present; and the state of banishment you are in, may be endured without much regret: however, I shall hope in a little time to see you here, when more of your friends are in town.

The bishop[3] and my brother[4] are much yours, and very desirous of a happy meeting with you. Before this can be with you, you will be able to guess how soon that may happen. And may it be as soon as is wished by, sir, your most obedient and faithful humble servant,