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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 11/From William King to Jonathan Swift - 20

OCT. 31, 1711.

TO day we had another hearing at council, concerning Mr. Higgins's business. Some of his witnesses were examined. So far as we have yet heard, it does not appear to me, that they have cleared him of tampering with witnesses, shifting recognizances, or compounding felonies; but, it is said, these things are common in the country; and perhaps that will save him. And I know not how far his other witnesses, that are yet to be examined, may clear him. The hearing lasted above three hours. I was unwilling to make this packet too large, so I have enclosed the other prints in another. I want some affidavits of gentlemen, in which they depose Mr. Higgins's case to contain many falsehoods,

I am, &c.