The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Abigail Masham to Jonathan Swift - 2


IT is impossible for you to imagine with what satisfaction I received your kind letter; and though I had been so long without hearing from you, I could never impute it to want of friendship in one, whose goodness to me has always been abundantly more than I could deserve. I had writ often to you; but having no safe conveyance, chose rather to inquire after your health and welfare of some people that could give me an account of it. And I do assure you, from the bottom of my heart, there is not a person living I have a greater friendship for than yourself, and shall have to the end of my life. Indeed now I can show it only in expressions; but I flatter myself you believe them sincere. I long to see you at my retired habitation, where you will meet with a most hearty welcome and faithful friends, and none more so, than her who is

Your most affectionate humble servant,

My lord, children, brother, and sister are your humble servants.

  1. Endorsed, "Received Feb. 20, 1723-4."