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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Elizabeth Germain to Jonathan Swift - 4

JUNE 5, 1731.

I FANCY you have comforted yourself a long time with the hopes of hearing no more from me; but you may return your thanks to a downright fit of the gout in my foot, and as painful a rheumatism that followed immediately after in my arm, which bound me to my good behaviour. So you may perceive I should make a sad nurse to Mr. Pope, who finds the effects of age and a crazy carcase already. However, if it is true what I am informed, that you are coming here soon, I expect you should bring us together; and if he will bear me with patience, I shall hear him with pleasure.

I do not know what number of chaplains the duke of Dorset intends to carry over; but as yet, I have heard of but one that he has sent, and he as worthy, honest, sensible a man as any I know, Mr. Brandreth, who, I believe, was recommended to your acquaintance. I have not been in a way of seeing Mrs. Barber this great while; but I hear (and I hope it is so) that she goes on in her subscription very well; nor has the lady she so much feared done her any harm, if she endeavoured it, which is more than I know that she did. I believe you will find by my writing, that it is not quite easy to me, so I will neither tease you, nor trouble myself longer, who am most sincerely your faithful humble servant,