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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 12/From Jonathan Swift to Esther Johnson - 2

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In European characters and English thus:

The high and mighty prince Egroego, born to the most puissant empire of the East,

Unto Stella, the most resplendent glory of the Western hemisphere, sendeth health and happiness.

Brightest princess,

THAT invincible hero, the Man Mountain, fortunately arriving at our coasts some years ago, delivered us from ruin by conquering the fleets and armies of our enemies, and gave us hopes of a durable peace and happiness. But now the martial people of Blefuscu, encouraged from his absence, have renewed the war, to revenge upon us the loss and disgrace they suffered by our valiant champion.

The fame of your superexcellent person and virtue, and the huge esteem which that great general has for you, urged us in this our second distress to sue for your favour. In order to which, we have set our able and trusty nardac Koorbnilob, requesting, That if our general does yet tread upon the terrestrial globe, you, in compassion to us, would prevail upon him to take another voyage for our deliverance.

And lest any apprehensions of famine among us, should render nardac Mountain averse to the undertaking, we signify to you, that we have stored our folds, our coops, our granaries and cellars with plenty of provision for a long supply of the wastes to be made by his capacious stomach.

And farthermore, because as we hear you are not so well as we could wish, we beg you would complete our happiness by venturing your most valuable person along with him into our country; where, by the salubrity of our finer air and diet, you will soon recover your health and stomach.

In full assurance of your complying goodness, we have sent you some provision for your voyage, and we shall with impatience wait for your safe arrival to our kingdom. Most illustrious lady, farewell.

Dated the 11th day of the 6th moon, in the
2001 year of the Lilliputian era.

  1. Here we have a parcel of characters formed at random, by way of the address in the Lilliputian tongue.